Introducing the Barrel Monkey V2 - your ultimate solution for automatically filling and topping barrels.


The Barrel Monkey V2 fills and tops barrels at the push of a button. With an integrated sensor, the Barrel Monkey shuts off at the perfect adjustable height without the need to ever look into your barrel.


We've designed the Barrel Monkey V2 to work with your existing equipment out of the box:

  • Hooks up to any wine source, including normal top-off kegs, gravity feed, or pumps
  • Battery operated (rechargeable) - no external power, nitrogen or compressed air source needed
  • Much faster than conventional top off nozzles allowing for more frequent top-offs
  • Adjustable fill height lets you underfill barrels precisely before malolactic fermentation
  • Can sense the difference between wine and froth, ensuring that your barrel is topped to the exact level specified and preventing foam overflow
  • Eliminates wine spills that lose product and contribute to microbial growth in your cellar


Trials in real cellars show the Barrel Monkey V2 operates at around twice the speed of a normal top off nozzle setup. This translates to around $1200 in labor savings each year for every 100 barrels in your cellar. This means a winery with 1000 barrels can expect to save $12,000 in labor!


This more than pays for the annual cost of leasing the Barrel Monkey V2 while eliminating potential product losses and mess. More importantly, the Barrel Monkey allows you to reduce costs while improving wine quality by increasing top off frequency. Frequent top offs greatly reduce oxidation and surface area for film yeasts and bacteria.


Operation of the Barrel Monkey is incredibly simple. First, turn on the battery by pressing the on button. Then, with wine supplied to the hose, place the nozzle in the barrel and double press the nozzle button. The valve will open and the green LED indicator light will begin flashing. Once your wine has reached the perfect height, the valve will close and the Barrel Monkey will take a fraction of a second to detect foam. If foam is detected, it will fill the barrel until all foam is gone. Once there is no foam left, the LED goes solid green and you're ready to top your next barrel. The height is adjusted by raising or lowering the nozzle in the barrel with a built in rest.


Patent Pending

Barrel Monkey V2 Purchase

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  • The Barrel Monkey Top Off nozzles comes with a two year warranty for parts and labor related to repairs. 

  • If you're not satisfied with your purchase, we offer a money back guarantee for 30 days from receiving your Barrel Monkey Top Off Nozzle.