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Barrel Monkey V3 Topper

Our latest iteration of the Barrel Monkey Topping System, V3, is in the final stages of testing as we prepare for launch at the 2024 Unified Symposium. 

The V3 Topper provides the same great features and precision of the V2 topper but even further increases topping speed and versatility. Please sign up for our mailing list on the site Home page for more updates on the V3. 

V3 Bold New Features

  • No need to physically contact the wine during fill

  • Even faster topping speed compared to V2

  • Topped volume estimates to monitor consumption of topping wine

  • Bluetooth control of the nozzle to change settings like fill height, low fill for malo, and more

  • Integrated motion activated flashlight for navigating dark cellars


Designed and Manufactured in House

Pictured right is a prototype of the V3 battery enclosure. Although you'll likely never see it, the inside of our system is as beautifully crafted as the exterior. 

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