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Barrel Monkey Topper V3

Our latest iteration of the Barrel Monkey Topping System, V3, is now available. 

The Topper V3 provides the same great features and precision of the V2 topper but even further increases topping speed and versatility. Please contact us for pricing and information.

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V3 Bold New Features

  • No need to physically contact the wine during fill

  • Even faster topping speed compared to V2

  • Bluetooth control of the nozzle to change settings like fill height, low fill for malo, and more

  • Integrated flashlight for navigating dark cellars

  • Optical sensor allows for minimal wine contact


Designed and Manufactured by Barrel Monkey in Oregon


Bluetooth App Control

  • Manage your topper's settings from the app, available on iOS and Android

  • The Fill Target allows you to adjust the desired fill height to your needs

  • Change fill modes for faster filling in still wine, or to precisely top even in very foamy wine


High Quality Construction

Constructed with a tough 304 stainless steel shell and Delrin valve components, the topper has been tested to 1.5 million simulated top offs. 


Advanced Controls, Simplicity of Operation

Power by ARM Cortex-M4, the Topper V3 is smart on the inside yet intuitive and simple for any operator with just a single button required for use. 

The rechargeable lithium ion battery pack uses the highest quality LG cells which give you freedom of movement while you work through your cellar. No extension cord required. 


  • Connection to a wine source:

    • Bulldog, pump, keg, etc. The system accepts any pressurized wine source from a 1.5in TC connection. 

  • Normal Operating Parameters:

    • 15 PSI input pressure, up to 45PSI (Failure pressure is much higher)​

    • Around 1800 barrels of battery life

    • Hose length: 35 feet. Most customers will add an extension to the system between their wine source and the hose bundle. 

  • Control of Settings

    • ​Settings are controlled via an app available on iOS and Android.

    • Target distance is used to fine tune the fill height

    • Fill modes allow for regular topping and topping to a low-fill height for malo fermentation

    • Foam modes change the level of compensation for foam. Still is the fastest mode for normal topping operation of still wine. Foam and Super Foam provide greater foam compensation allowing for topping of wine shortly after fermentation.

    • Cleaning mode is entered from the app or a long press of the nozzle button. This holds the wine valve open while you walk out, or flush the system. 

  • The system is cleaned like any other winery device using ozone, PAA, peroxy carb, etc. ​

  • Additional Features

    • The Topper will learn and change internal parameters as you use it to achieve the fastest and most reliable top off. 

    • If the nozzle falls out of your barrel mid top off it will automatically shut off and minimize spillage. 

    • An integrated flashlight allows you to inspect your wine without reaching for another device. 



Please visit the Topper V3 store page for information on pricing and availability

*More store page info coming soon

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