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Common product questions related to the Barrel Monkey top off nozzle.

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How does the Topper V3 save time and money?

The Barrel Monkey can cut  the time it takes to top a cellar by at least half. This is accomplished in a few different ways. First, the Barrel Monkey is able to flow wine more quickly than a conventional nozzle because a computer is handling the shutoff.


Additionally, precision topping greatly reduces time cleaning wine barrel overflows and floor spillage, moving up and down ladders, and adjusting topping heights. Secondly, the operator can remove the bung on the next barrel for topping while the nozzle is filling the last one; this probably makes the greatest contribution to our system’s speed because you can essentially top as fast as you remove and replace bungs. Thirdly, the Barrel Monkey is generally much less cumbersome to use and this contributes to the operator's ability to move freely around the cellar. This claim has been tested and verified in real world cellars. If you take into account barrel unstacking or spill cleanup, the time savings will be even greater.


How is the Topper V3 cleaned?

The Topper V3 can be cleaned by running hot water, chemicals, or ozone through the system. Cleaning mode is activated by a long press of the nozzle button or by pressing the cleaning mode button in the app. 


Can the fill height be adjusted?

Yes, the fill height is adjustable by connecting to the Nozzle via Bluetooth with the Barrel Monkey App, available on iOS or Android. 


How long does the battery last?

The battery lasts a full day of topping, around 7 hours of continuous use. You can "top off" the battery quickly during a break or lunch to get an even longer run time. 


How is the Topper V3 hooked up to the top off wine vessel?

The Topper V3 comes standard with a 1.5 inch tri clover fitting. This can be connected to a pressurized keg, pump, or gravity fed from a tank.


Is it waterproof?

Yes, the nozzle is splash proof and can withstand brief submersion but should not be left submerged. The Topper V3 should not be exposed to boiling water or hot steam.


Does this product require specific training?

We’ve designed the Topper V3 to be a seamless replacement for your current topping system so you can learn to use it in about a minute. Full proficiency (a good rhythm for transitioning between barrels) takes about 10 minutes.

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